Band : Tool
Album: Lateralus
Track: 6
Song : Parabol

Part : Bass
Tuning: drop B/E

Tabbed: Brad Haczynski
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nh - natural harmonic

ph - pinch harmonic

pm - palm mute

x - muted string

h - hammer on

p - pull off

// - slide down

\\ - slide up

b - bend

~~ - vibrato

<7>- natural harmonic

x/// - pick scrape (directions same as slide)

Bass enters at :48
*Note* those other noises are Danny, not the bass!
This whole song is played very lightly while slightly scraping the strings with the pick.
With Flange
g------------------          g----------------
d----2-0-----7-5---          d----2-0---------
e—0--------5------- x2  or   e-0--------5-5-3- x2
b------------------          b----------------
I have seen him change it up live.
Ad lib the song…The pattern just repeats.